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Saturday, 14th March 2006

This was my last letter for him..

I know it’s hurt for us, but I believe one thing in my life that if I always do a good thing and right thing each time or every time. One day we will back again, be a good friend that can share and walk hand in hand, facing this world together. I won’t say good bye to you, coz I know we are not going anywhere, u always be here, inside of my heart, but it’s ok if you out of our memory from your heart and your mind (tidak ada satu pun yang pasti di dunia ini, hanya kematianlah yang pasti terjadi). Sometimes, we can’t accept the reality that someone not longer belong to us. But, in fact, someone will never belong to us, even though the world saying ‘yes’. Do not say sorry for all of this, you and I are learning, as you said to me ‘everything is a process’. We are in process of learning. So, in learning we must experience a failure or mistake. Thanks, you’re a good teacher for me, if I have a problem maybe I will ask you to solve it he..he..

Thanks for everything you gave to me, I believe you’ll reward a good thing in your life. Do not feel guilty to me OK.. I always forgive anybody, so don’t worry, anyway you’re not do something wrong to me.

Everything that I gave to you, you can keep it or throw into a trash, but I beg you to not give to me back. Honestly/accually, I’ll happy if you can keep it all of the stuff (semuanya hasil karya fy tuh, hargailah karya seni orang lain he..he..) OK aza..aza.. fighting.

I suggest you, do not run from the reality and face the problem, even though the bad situation or condition that you never feel before and I know you can do it.

Don’t scare to make a new relationship OK.. don’t think of me :)

Oh ya try to keep not to smoke, remember your healthy right :)

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