Minggu, 10 Mei 2009

My Own Motivation 2

I have no idea whether you will forget me forever or you don’t want to meet me forever, even as a friend. However, I believe we’ll still a good friend.

Don’t insult yourself or anyone. Don’t give up to the situations that make you feel bad. Don’t scared again to your anxiety. You must believe yourself that you’re great….

Come on learn again, life is learning. Whatever you get today, that was an effect of what you have done yesterday, and now you’re creating your life for tomorrow. So, do a good thing whatever you’re speaking, thinking or doing an action. Try to make yourself and the others happy. I know you can do it and I believe you can practice every day… aza aza fighting…

You’re kind, you’re great, strong woman, and also you’re cute :P hehehe… Get Spirit


If you’re breathing,

remember to think a good thing,

remember to think positively,

remember to do a good thing,

remember to do a right thing,

remember to speak a good and a right thing,

remember to control your thinking, acting, and speaking.

In order, watch your mind, mouth, and your action.

These are your practice every time and you must keep all of these in your mind. Remember!!!

Don’t do something that just waste for your life and can make you forget what is the right thing. Use your time effectively with a good thing.

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