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Depression of Teenagers

By. Selfy Parkit

Depression can effect kinds of serious symptoms that attack anyone and in anytime. No matter who you are, how your face looks like and where you live. Anyone; young, old, male, female, someone from any country, city, village, ethnic, heredity, and religion can have a depression. Moreover, the rich, the famous, the success such as Abraham Lincoln (the sixteenth president of USA), Beethoven (composer), Buzz Aldrin (astronaut), Charles Dickens (novelist), Delta Burke (actor), Tennessee Williams (Scenario), etc, can also have a depression. Based on America National Institute of Health and Mental, more than 18 million American have a depression. Approximately, between 112.000 and 2.324.000 from the total are teenagers. Some professionals of mental health believe that 20% of Senior High School students really feel unhappy, and have many kinds of psychiatric problems. Teenagers who always look sad, angry, confused, misunderstanding, and rebellious are possible to have a depression.

There are many kinds of depressions; some of them are melankolia depression (depression that appears inside of body), reactive depression (depression that comes from outside of body/ Seasonal Affective Disorder ), and depression after giving birth. If you have ever read Oxford Psychiatric Dictionary, you will find 25 kinds of depression that have different amount of symptoms. However, teenagers are possible have a type of depression like Major Depression, Light Depression (Distimia), or Bipolar Disorder.

First, Major Depression or Clinical Depression is the most disseminating type and can be told as a disease of ordinary brain flu. This type tends to be experienced by girls, because of the changing of their hormone and physical. In fact base on research, boys and girls have more or less the same level of depression when they were children. Nevertheless, at the age of fourteen the number of girls who suffer a major depression leap into two times than boys. Major Depression has many metallic symptoms such as feel sorrowful, emptiness, guilty, jumpy, worthless, sick over; not interest in activities, hobby, or any relation with other; cannot sleep or over sleep; difficult to concentrate, memorize, and make a decision; trying to be better by using alcohol and/or drugs abuse. Moreover, it also has physical symptoms such as headache, smarting/ pain and problem of digestion that hard to recover. Even, the symptoms can be worse as mind commit suicide/ efforts to kill yourself.

Second, Light Depression/ Distimia is a kind of light fever that someone or teenagers who have this depression will experience their life with slow motion. He/she can do everyday routine activity, but needs longer time to do things that seems easy to be done. Distimia has chronic and continuous character that is usually experienced by teenagers at least for one year. Distimia causes equal symptoms with major depression, but the form of it is softer. For example, you will feel you are not loved, criticizing yourself, sorrowful, fulminate or sick over, weary, guilty, negative thinking, have no expectation, anxious; difficult to concentrate, memorize, and make a decision; over or less sleep. The symptoms also can be identified from your physical and your behavior such as headache, painful without a real cause; mind commit suicide/ efforts to kill yourself; and disobedient (lying to parents, bad behavior, shoplifting, cheating during an exam, or driving a car under influence or alcohol and/or drugs abuse, etc). according to some experts 70% teenagers who suffer Distimia will finally suffer Major Depression. Therefore, it is necessary for them to get aid as early as possible.

Third, Bipolar Disorder is also recognized as Manic depression. Bipolar means changing mood between two contradictory emotions polar. Sometimes the patient of Bipolar Disorder will feel remarkable sorrow and like having no expectation. It is possible that the patient really angry and hot-tempered. Otherwise, sometimes the patient feels very happy, energetic, has remarkable physical (strong), and unlimited confident. Even though, the psychiatrist mention that an affective Bipolar Disorder as schizophrenia (a mental disorder involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, and withdrawal from reality into fantasy and delusion), but we cannot say the patient is mad or abnormal. The cycle of Bipolar Disorder can happen several times a year, once a day or more regular. This depression type tends to be experienced by some members of a family and possibly inherited. Bipolar Disorder is usually suffered at teen-age or a period of adult early and continue until lifelong. The number of girls and boys who different symptoms between Major Depression and Light Depression (Distimia) such as extreme enragement, tends to lose of concentration, sleep desire become less, thinks much and too attentive, increasing movement and conversation, difficult to make a decision, annoying behavior, deny or run from a problem, risky behavior as using alcohol and/or drugs abuse, etc. On the other hand, the symptoms sometime move/ change to other emotions polar such as energetically feeling, very happy, high remarkable creativity, bombast ideas, over confident or feel unbeatable.

If you feel that, you have some kinds of the symptoms. Probably, you are experiencing depression such as Major Depression, Light Depression (Distimia), Bipolar Disorder or other kinds of depression. If the symptoms make you become more depressed, do not worry because will be able to assist you. Moreover, depression can be cured and you don’t need feel that thing forever. One to remember, depression is a natural thing.

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