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Teaching is will be more fun if we use games as the method. Here is one of the examples of games that we can apply to teach listening and speaking. The title of game is ‘What’s the Question?’
What’s the Question?
Level                      :             Any Level
Type of Activity :             Listening and Speaking
Purpose               :             Review question forms previously studied in class
Procedure          :              Form two teams (three will work, but two seems to add just the right amount of competitive tension)
Explain the game, with a few examples of answers in search of question. Ask, ‘What’s the question?’, and get students to correctly say get corresponding questions for your answer. Have two players – one from each team – come to the front. Style it like a game show if you like, with the students standing side by side. If you have access to bells or buzzers, it’s even more fun. Next, read an answer to a question and say, ‘What’s the question?’ the fastest player to respond wins a point to her/his team. New contestants come to the front for a new round.
Rationale             :               This game forces the students to think backwards a little. So they must provide a grammatically perfect question. All too often, they are used to answering rather than asking question, so this is challenging and useful as review.
Submitted by Tim

Source : www.itelj.org/c/games.html

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